Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WBT Wednesdays Linky! Class, Class! and Hands and Eyes!

Hi All!!

Anyone else feeling a little crazed after the first few weeks of school?  I know I am!!!  Between weird schedule shifts, testing and swim lessons (more on that in another post), I feel like it's taking my super learners FOREVER to settle into a routine this year!   They have been troopers, but whew!  It's going a little slow this year!

With that said, I am linking up with Heidi over at Droppin' Knowledge for WBT Wednesdays!

This week's focus is the Attention Getter (Class, Class) and the Focuser (Hands and Eyes).   I have to say, I LOVE both of these and here's why!

The Attention Getter

This is by far one of my favorite WBT things to use!  It's a great and quick way to get my students attention and I don't feel like I'm yelling over them constantly.   I just keep repeating until they get quiet.  We have practiced this quite a bit over the last 4 weeks, but they still need reminders.  My reminders this year are simply "hands, eyes, mouths" after they say "yes."  This helps them remember hands are folded and still (something that is still VERY hard for a few of my friends), eyes are on me and mouths are off.  

My favorite thing is once they get into the practice of "hands, eyes, mouths" we  add in the fun.  Last year my two favorites were "Advengers Class!" (Assemble yes!).  My kiddos got to make what every superhero move they wanted to as long as they ended up with their hands folded at the end.  We had a lot of mighty Hulk desk slams (quietly of course) last year!  My other favorite was "Rock and Roll, Class" (Rock and Roll, Yes!).  With this one they got to do whatever band move they wanted, air guitars and drums where the most popular, as long as the ended in hands and eyes.  Fun all over the place!

The Focuser

This is what you use to REALLY get their attention.  Have a really big point to make?  Hands and eyes.  Simply want to draw them in a little more?  Hands and eyes.   My favorite thing about this, you can whisper your really big point and they will still get it!  It is an amazing tool to have and use in your classroom!  

This is just the beginning!  Check back each Wednesday for more on WBT!

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  1. Congratulations on your Blog, Erin! Great post on the Engagers in WBT! Your classroom looks great! I look forward to following you!